Anne Gildea’s How to Get The Menopause and Enjoy It! – Nenagh Arts Centre

Anne Gildea’s How to Get The Menopause and Enjoy It!

Anne Gildea’s How to Get The Menopause and Enjoy It! – Wednesday 1st February 2023, 8pm, Tickets: €18.00
Running Time: Approx 120mins including a 15min interval

Join Anne on this fabulous, informative, laugh-out-loud trip through all things Menopause.
What is it? Why does it happen? How come it barely bothers some women and shakes others to the core? Why is it named after men? Why didn’t our mammies warn us about it? And why oh why is so little known about this inevitable phase of lady-life?
Anne answers all these questions and more, as she brings TMI to a whole new level.
“There is something utterly punk about Gildea’s stage energy. She captures perfectly the dilemma of Irish women of her generation, hobbled by the micro-oppressions of conservative Catholicism, and engaging in a lifetime of micro-battles against this force. I am definitely the target audience for this show, and it spoke directly to me. But if any young people want to know what’s really going on in their mams’ and aunties’ secret lives, this funny and taboo-busting work blasts the lid right off.
– Kathy Hayes, Irish Independent

‘Amazingly funny and really accurate menopause show – loved it!’
– Dr. Deirdre Lundy, menopause specialist.

‘Anne Gildea’s show is one woman genius. Hilarious and educational in equal parts. A must see! I laughed so much my face hurt.”
– Loretta Dignam, Founder, Menopause Hub.

‘This is the funniest, most honest, and real show I have ever been to! “
– Audience review

Anne Gildea is a founder member of comedy ‘super-group’ The Nualas and is a well-known comedienne and writer. Most recently, her memoir, I’ve got Cancer, What’s Your Excuse? inspired the feature film The Bright Side which premiered in cinemas last year and is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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  • Start Date
    February 1, 2023 8:00 pm
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    February 1, 2023 10:00 pm
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