Recycling and Reusing in Textile Art – Nenagh Arts Centre

Recycling and Reusing in Textile Art

This exhibition celebrates a group of emerging textile and machine sewing learners, supported by Tipperary Community Education services. Focusing on environmental issues and the need for sustainable practices when creating their art.

The intent was using repurposed and pre-loved materials that have been discarded or found. And the more unconventional, the better. Each group was given a theme to work on and the outcomes were tremendous. Each artist employs a range of techniques, including surface stitchery, appliqué, machine embroidery, imagination, and mixed media. As a collective group facilitated by Melissa Ryan (ETB Tutor) who set each group challenge’s in creating landscapes’, Textiles Accessoires, Rag Dolls, and Free hand embroideries. All learners were encouraged to express their creativity through the medium of textile art and recycling of materials.

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