It’s Business As Usual At Nenagh Arts Centre

Tom blue shirt

Over the past few months some doubt was raised over the future of Nenagh Arts Centre. This was a direct result of been unable to reach agreement with the Contractor as to the final amount for the refurbishment of the Arts Centre some years back. We are extremely pleased to say that on Monday the 19th of September Nenagh Arts Centre reached a full and final settlement with the contractor removing any threat to the future of the centre. I would like to thank the board of Nenagh Arts Centre and in particular our chairman Tom Ryan who made a gigantic effort in recent months to find a solution to this issue.

Our autumn programme is somewhat disrupted as a result however we hope to back to a full listing of events by mid-November. Check a list of all our events online and a range of classes organised in the arts centre on a weekly basis. With many great artists and events to look forward to in October and we hope you will make a special effort to support your local arts centre.

Best wishes,

Tom Dowling

Artistic director

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