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Past Events

On this page you will find images, descriptions and dates for past Spleodar Festival events held at Nenagh Arts Centre.


Jane Ryan Fashion Exhibition - Saturday 29th October to Monday 31st October

Born in Tipperary, Jane’s love of fashion, art and illustration was apparent from an early age. Her work is inspired by her extensive travels and her passion for all things creative. Trained as a fashion designer and art teacher she has worked as a knitwear designer and a textile designer.

Scríobh - Saturday 29th October

Scríobh was a storytelling and creative workshop for young people, established by Niall Cleary and Javi Gimenez in association with Galway County Council Arts Office. It is inspired by Fighting Words in Dublin.

“...fun, imaginative and inspiring... the students still talk about it!”
Fearghas Mac Lochlainn, Principal Scoil Sailearna.

Treasure Hunt - Saturday 29th October

This family event began at Nenagh Arts Centre.  Clues were picked up and everyone headed out on a 45 minute adventure around Nenagh.  New facts about people of the past and the architecture of Nenagh were learned!   Goodies were picked up along the way and a second treat when you finished the hunt.

Jane Ryan Fashion Workshop - Saturday 29th October

Participants were given the theme ‘Out Of This World’ to design a fashion garment/accessory of their choice. Workbooks were given to each participant outlining and showing examples of the different stages of the design process. Each participant completed individual tasks of what it takes to research and design a fashion garment/accessory. Work was completed on a final illustrated sketch of the selected design. 

Participants took the completed workbooks away with them at the end of the workshop to use as a source of inspiration/reference for future projects.

Minevention - Saturday 29th October

Participants tested their competitive sides at our Tournaments with MineVention!
There were various X-Box games available along with our Oculus Rift.  They joined a Build Battle Team in Minecraft and had fun with our alternative group games, designed for ages 5-12.

Miriam Lambert's Three Little Pigs Puppet Show - Saturday 29th October

Mummy pig is so proud of her little piglets, encouraging them to dream big and follow their hearts. Like all little ones, it’s not long before they’re all grown up and have to make a life for themselves.  In this interactive solo puppet production, the audience experienced the three little pigs’ adventures and their
encounter with a very hungry Big Bad Wolf.

Miriam Lambert's Puppet-Making Workshop - Saturday 29th October

Under the gentle guidance of puppeteer Miriam Lambert, participants made their very own take home puppets and in some cases finished with their own Puppet Performance!

All materials were included in workshop costs. Duration: one hour.

Suzannah O'Reilly's Printmaking Workshop - Saturday 29th October

Participants designed a Halloween themed project using collograph and mono printing.
Prints were made using a portable etching press. The projects were fun and easy for children.

CBI Book Clinic - Sunday 30th October

Children’s Books Ireland are brought the Book Clinic to the Spleodar Halloween Arts Festival. 

Children visited the Book Doctor, consulted on their favourite reads and left with a prescription for their next book which they then were able to take to their local bookshop or library!

Monster Doodle Workshop - Sunday 30th October

Creating a monster doodle! Workshop with award-winning illustrator and cartoonist Fintan Taite. Children used their imagination to doodle crazy monsters on giant sheets of paper using crayons and paint.  Fintan drew on a white broad or flipchart throughout helping them develop their ideas. When finished each giant piece of art was displayed for all to admire!

Mini Comic Book Workshop - Sunday 30th October

Creating your own mini comic book! In this fun workshop the children learned how to write, draw and make their own comics with award-winning cartoonist and Illustrator Fintan Taite. Beginning with story and character design, Fintan took them through all the fun steps involved in producing and printing your very own mini comic!

Bianca's Hip-Hop Workshop - Sunday 30th October

Bianca Smith is originally from New Jersey, USA, now living in Limerick, having just completed her MA in Contemporary Dance Performance at the University of Limerick. Recently she performed in and choreographed a show for singer Rebecca O’Connor in her Simply the Best Ballbreaker Irish Tour. The show premiered in the Cork Opera House, Royal Theatre Waterford and Town Hall Theatre in Galway.

Bianca is currently the Hip Hop Tutor on the BA in Voice and Dance at the University of Limerick and teaches Youth Movement classes at Dance Limerick. She also teaches a Latin Dance Fitness Class at the Milk Market on Sundays and is training her own hip-hop crew for future performances and competitions.

Inferno, The Burning Quest - Sunday 30th October

Inferno, the Burning Quest, is an amazing spectacle that brings to life the element of Fire. Created with a purpose-built set, Inferno tells the tale of three hapless Pirates and their accursed ship. Combining a unique cross-section of Circus Skills, Physical Theatre, Comedy and Pyromania, Inferno features some of Ireland’s foremost fire performers within their element.

Carrie (Outdoor Screening) - Sunday 30th October

A re-imagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White, a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother, who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.

Lego Robotics - Monday 31st October

Robotics workshops were delivered using LEGO NXT robotics kits. These kits are perfect for teaching the basic principles of robotics, as well as the more complex aspects. They contain a programmable brick known as “the brain”, motors and sensors. The main body of the robot is built using LEGO Technic components, meaning that complex structures can be quickly assembled.

Sphero Challenge - Monday 31st October

Spheros are small, programmable robot balls. We provide iPads with the necessary programming software installed. The robots are programmed using flowchart code so it is easy for anyone to understand. This is a visual representation of code and does not require any previous knowledge of coding. The software is similar to Scratch and other flowchart programming software. The aim of the challenge is to guide your Sphero through the maze in the shortest time.

The Hairy & The Fairy - Monday 31st October

Joanne Quinn and Shane McKenna invited you on a theatrical adventure using Dabbledoo’s exciting new way of making music using shapes, colours and animation. “Just because you’re the same age as some other kid doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to like them or be their best friend!” said the sparkly Fairy when her mam made her play with her friend’s son.

The Hairy and The Fairy do not get on but the sparkly Fairy needed something badly and she knew there was only one person who could help – sadly for her, that was The Hairy. Will she be able to make him listen to her plan?

Help them get through the woods with some wonderful sound effects created by YOU! Everyone gets an instrument and joins in.

Creative Minds Facepainting - Monday 31st October

Halloween preparations began with a bang!
Kids loved seeing their face turned into works of art. Olive transformed the children into pretty princesses, superheroes, cute animals and lots more.

Creative Minds, Special Effects - Monday 31st October

Children experimented with Body Art and special effects as they learned how to make scars, wounds and more. They practiced designs and effects on themselves and also partnered up with other class participants.  They left with their body paint on for the perfect start to their Halloween preparations.

Fireworks - Monday 31st October

The Fireworks display returned in a new location at Nenagh CBS Grounds where an estimated 2,000 people turned for this family event and enjoyed a wonderful display.


Exhibition - Passing Thoughts Anne Marie Morrin - Monday 26th October to Sunday 15th November

“Passing Thoughts” explored childhoods mislaid memories of school days. In the exhibition Anne Marie Morrin used objects to evoke thoughts and feelings that are associated with a specific time (in this case school days of the 80’s).

The Speks - Monday 26th October

The Speks presented a lively show of nursery rhymes and sing-along songs set to acoustic Irish music which had adults and kids jumping in their seats! Their hand-clapping, toe-tapping, hearty-laughing show was all about life on Glasses Island.

Philip Quinn: Fun with Plaster & Street Face Painting  - Monday 26th October

This event created a hands-on – or feet-on if you’re not too ticklish! – chance for people to make their very own cast. Your foot or hand was pressed into a specially-prepared sand-box and filled with quick-setting Plaster of Paris which people were able to take home and decorate.

Pitschi - The Kitten with Dreams - Tuesday 27th October

Pitschi lived with her cat family, Grandma Lisette and a dog called Bello on a farm high up in the Swiss Alps. She didn’t much care for the rough and tumble and mischievous fun of kitten play and dreamed of being something else – a chicken, perhaps, or a goat, or a bunny – for after all, for Pitschi, anything was better than being a cat!

Pitschi Workshop - Tuesday 27th October

This was a workshop for children and their families with activities including making and decorating kitten masks and playing cat themed games.

The Trumplets Workshops on the Music Gen Bus - Tuesday 27th October

Puppeteer Thomas Baker and multi-instrumentalist Boris Hunka returned to Nenagh on board the Music Gen Bus – a double-decker bus converted into a unique creative space. The sessions included a hands-on blend of puppetry, music, storytelling and song-writing.

Imagination and Drawing Workshop - Tuesday 27th October and Wednesday 28th October

Attendees learned all about historic and modern artists who use imagination in their work. Write stories, create characters and make your own imaginative drawings, based on ghostly, magical and imaginative themes. People discovered how creative they could be and how much fun it is to open your imagination and see what happens.

Flick Book and Zoetrope Animation - Tuesday 27th October and Wednesday 28th October

Using their imagination, attendees created their own drawing animation around a mythical and magical theme. Write a story, develop characters and scenes, make a flick book animation and watch your drawings come to life in the Zoetrope.

Dance Workshops with Deirdre Dempsey - Wednesday 28th October

Urban Kicks Dance Thurles in association with Spleodor Arts Festival invited you all to THE WELCOME TO WONDERLAND TEA PARTY. You came along for a workshop of fun, festivity and dance. Dance styles covered included hiphop, lyrical and commercial.

Comedy Workshops with Punch Lion - Wednesday 28th October

The Punch Lion comedy workshops with Sharon Mannion from ‘Moone Boy’ and ‘Republic of Telly’ thought you comedy skills used in stand-up comedy, comedy improvisation, sketches, comedy acting, silly story-telling and ridiculous songs.

Punch Lion Kids' Comedy Club  - Wednesday 28th October

This was a family friendly stand-up comedy show for kids! AND BIG KIDS! We brought top comedians from the comedy circuit with silly jokes to make you giggle and grin and laugh out loud. We had a fantastic show with three brilliant performers - Andrew Stanley, Sharon Mannion and Joe Rooney.

Brick Flicks Deliver Stop Motion Workshops That Make Lego Characters Come Alive - Thursday 29th October

This was another stop motion masterclass from Createschool for serious Brick Flicks enthusiasts. They fine tuned your production skills as you created a deadly Halloween themed set, materialised monsters and zombified characters. There were loads of tips on lighting, audio, soundscapes, special effects, FPS & more.

Scríobh Writing Workshop - Thursday 29th October

Scríobh was a storytelling and creative workshop for young people, established by Niall Cleary and Javi Gimenez in association with Galway County Council Arts Office. It was inspired by Fighting Words in Dublin.

The Hairy and The Fairy - Friday 30th October

The Hairy and The Fairy did not get on but the sparkly Fairy needed something badly and she knew there was only one person who could help – sadly for her, that was The Hairy. Was she be able to make him listen to her plan? You helped them get through the woods with some wonderful sound effects created by YOU!

Re-design Your T-Shirt Workshop - Friday 30th October

Participants were encouraged to step into the shoes of a fashion designer. Starting with an ordinary piece of clothing (a T-shirt) children/teenagers were thought how to create individual designs by using tailoring techniques such as: tracing, cutting, stitching, looping and twisting.

Printed Fabric Design Workshop - Friday 30th October

Participating children/teenagers in this workshop travelled into the beautiful world of printed textiles. They gathered inspiration from our natural and built environment. Creating their own printing blocks, participants learned about repeated patterns, dyes and colour mixing.

Monsieur Gusto - Friday 30th October

Monsieur Gusto, the worlds most amazing Juggling Escapologist sensation, had a show that you just couldn't miss! He Juggle Fire Torches, Toilet Plungers and Water Balloons.

Song of the Sea - Saturday 31st October

Song of the Sea followed Ben and his little sister Saoirse – the last Seal-child – who embarked on a fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic in an attempt to return to their home by the sea. This was one both kids and adults enjoyed.

Beetlejuice & Fancy Dress Disco - Saturday 31st October

This film was about a recently deceased married couple, played by Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin, who are stuck haunting their country home. The couple contracted the services of Beetlejuice, a rambunctious spirit and a “bio-exorcist”, to help remove the new obnoxious owners from their home.

After Beetlejuice, we held a disco of haunting music for teenagers.

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