Irish Tea Party Exhibition – Nenagh Arts Centre

Irish Tea Party Exhibition

Irish Tea Party Exhibition, 5th June – 31st July, launch 4th June at 11am, FREE

A collective group of textile’s and acrylic artists tutored by Melissa Ryan and supported by Tipperary Community Education have come together to showcase a series of unique works relating to ‘Time for Tea’ inspiration.
These creative learners have been working on individual pieces created and made by hand on real Irish tea bags using mix medium, they have also embroidered creative scenery’s and immersed them inside China tea cup’s to display. The learners have been inspired by one of ‘Henri Matisse’ famous paintings ‘Purple Robe and Anemones’ (1937) and have created a patchwork backdrop made from up- cycled linen’s to create a fantastic backdrop for our exhibition, in conjunction a group of acrylic artists have painted small accent canvas to support the ‘ Irish Tea Party’ theme.
Historically Ireland is known for making the tea, where drinking the tea is a lifestyle, it is said that Irish people drink the most tea per capita in the world?
As a collective group of learners we thought it would be a great idea to execute this fabulous ritual of drinking the tea in a creative format to showcase to the wider community this June/ July!
A very different and unique showcase not to miss this summer!

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    June 5, 2024 9:00 am
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    July 31, 2024 5:00 pm
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