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Nenagh Arts Centre Advent Calendar

Nenagh Arts Centre’s Advent Calendar

Join us everyday in December to open a door on our special online Advent Calendar to help celebrate the run up to Christmas. We’ll have Music, Theatre, Film, Dance & Workshops from December 1st right up to Christmas Eve. Don’t miss out as it’s a new door every day. Please open today’s date!

door-Day 14
door-Day 6
door-Day 17
door-Day 7
door-Day 11
door-Day 9
door-Day 4
door-Day 10
door-Day 16
door-Day 2
door-Day 15
door-Day 23
door-Day 5
door-Day 8
door-Day 13
door-Day 22
door-Day 20
door-Day 1
door-Day 18
door-Day 12
door-Day 3
door-Day 19
door-Day 24
door-Day 21

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