Comedy, Science & Magic With Donal Vaughan – Nenagh Arts Centre

Comedy, Science & Magic With Donal Vaughan

Nenagh Arts Centre is excited to welcome Multi-Award winning Irish comedian and scientist Donal Vaughan with his ‘Science Magic’ show on Sunday April 22nd at 3pm.

science magic

Prepare to enter the magical world of science. Forget Harry Potter, Donal is the real wizard. He will show you how to put a skewer through a balloon without popping it, mix potions to create your very own volcano, set paper on fire without burning it, turn water upside-down without spilling it, conjure an invisible force to blow out a candle, make a cola bottle explode in a fountain and more.
Always exciting, sometimes messy, learn about magnetism, pressures, density, force, chemical reactions, the fire triangle, acid & bases, static electricity. And laugh your pants off while you do it.

And the best part??? You can do all the tricks at home using everyday household items. You too can become a science wizard and amaze your family and friends.

Donal Vaughan’s unique blend of science and comedy has proved popular with audiences, who have been entertained and enlightened by his acts.” PubSci London.

“He creates the spark of interest of science in children, exciting and educational.” Natural History Museum.

“Donal has a rare ability to be funny and thought-provoking without really appearing to try. His hilarious and informative takes on science are why he’s a favourite.” Bright Club Dublin.

“Donal Vaughan owned the stage with his sharp, punchy lines that never failed to hit home.”

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